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The Officinae collection is characterised by its uniqueness in creating items which enclose its creative and ethical values.

We care about the manifacture of our design pieces of clothing, the research of the fabrics and the final product. It is important for us that the manufacturing takes place in artisanal and tailoring chains from our territory; for this reason our creations are handmade and totally Made in Italy.

We believe in the re-use of goods and fabrics and in minimising waste; in fact, what for the industry represent scrap textiles or colour tests, for us are unique and precious fabrics; we give value to their peculiarity by giving them a second life. From here you see how the research of the materials is essential to us and is another cornerstone of our company: silk fabrics, taffetà, natural yarns like wool and cotton are matched to jacquard manufactures, strictly handmade embroideries, crochet and patchwork creations.
The uniqueness lies in combining the roughness of some fabrics with the fineness of others.
Embroideries, jacquard and at sight selvedges are just some of our recognizable stylistic features, besides the care in defining th

e tailoring details of a piece of clothing.

We are not inclined to fashion, our shapes and colours follow the seasons and clothe women who are different from each other, but in their way unique, true and aware of the style they want to enhance. This is the reason why our shapes are always cutting-edge and never lose their strenght and authenticity over time. They evolve and complement each other while wearing.